desire machines

7 objects made of plaster, metal, shellac.

by Vasiliy Shmyrev

The project "Desire Machines" was originally inspired by the electronic microscope photograph of a snowflake in Wikipedia (see pic 1) which shares features of a grown, biological organism as well as an architectural artifact.

Each piece in the series has a special "bi-polar" topology which refers not only to the original snowflake image but also many other "items of power" such as a magnet or Vajra (see pic 2). Each object, pointing in two opposite directions, depicts the manifestation of desire as a physical field of energy.

The structure of each object is a vernacular formed by layers of elements added at different times, broken down and added again.

Each object was produced through a "direct negative" process: the parts were modeled as negatives in clay, cast in plaster and assembled together. Working with a negative creates constraints which drives the process. The brown color of the objects comes from the original clay molds.

pic 1 (snowflake)

pic 2 (Vajra)

Copyright 2017 Vasily Shmyrev